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Universe Time-Lapse in Chile


Interview with Shephard Fairey

Tokyo Sky Drive

Refraction by Jesse Zanzinger

It’s amazing what you can do with a Canon SLR, some oil and water and a tv playing Sesame Street!

Via The Fox Is Black.

NIKE78 – Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo LAB ‘ABUKU’

This is part of the NIKE78 Project, created by Paul Jenkins. Basically,  selected artists/designers receive a new pair of NIKE shoes and asked to transform them into their own unique artworks. This is by far the best of the bunch in my opinion but there lot’s of other interesting entries too, including a NIKE cake by Erica Dorn.

More about the video above can be found here.

i-Pad Light Painting

Continuuing with the Apple products theme with slightly less destruction, here is a collective called Dentsu London creating floating typography using iPads and photographic/animation techniques. I’m a sucker for experimental, light based projects so I was drawn to this as soon as I came across it. I’ll just let the video do the talking now.