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Alex Lukas

Alex Lukas creates these apocalyptic visions by taking photographs from books and, using printmaking techniques, applies layers of texture. A great example of how a simple idea can breed highly effective results.

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Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes is a Portland, Oregon based artist whose work I again came across while living in the US. His stunningly detailed paintings, inspired by scientific book illustrations, serve to communicate environmental issues that we are all aware of. The images he creates are so mesmerising and dramatic that I can’t take my eyes away from them. I would definately have one of his works on my wall if could!

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Audrey Kawasaki

I came across Audrey Kawasaki’s paintings while working as an intern over in California. She has a consistant style that is instantly identifiable and eye catching and I love the effect of the soft lines and colours against the wood grain, very effective!

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i-Pad Light Painting

Continuuing with the Apple products theme with slightly less destruction, here is a collective called Dentsu London creating floating typography using iPads and photographic/animation techniques. I’m a sucker for experimental, light based projects so I was drawn to this as soon as I came across it. I’ll just let the video do the talking now.