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Arcade Fire Posters by Burlesque of North America

While I was listening to The Suburbs by Aracde Fire (highly recommended), I was reminded of these gig posters by Burlesque of North America that I had seen a while ago so I thought I’d post some of them. The subject matter is really interesting but I think it’s the bright, vivid colour palettes that really bring the designs together.

Images courtesy of BurlesqueDesign.


Atlas Sound – Bedroom Databank Series

For those that don’t know, Atlas Sound is the solo/side project of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox and what he creates under this name is best described as experimental ambient music. Anyway, in the last couple of days he has been making available albums worth of demos on his blog for all to hear so go ahead and give them a listen, they are free after all.

So far he is up to Volume 4 and they are available here.