Universe Time-Lapse in Chile


Interview with Shephard Fairey

Star Wars Galaxy Posters by Justin Van Genderen

I know, Star Wars again, but I just couldn’t resist posting about these. Chicago-based Justin Van Genderen designer came up with these minimalist takes on the planets and star systems that feature in the films. I love the washed out colours and the aged effect used here to give the designs a retro feel.

Via Abduzeedo.

Star Wars Posters by Olly Moss

These are ‘re-imagined’ posters of the original Star Wars Trilogy by Olly Moss and they are very cool… if you like that sort of thing.

Via Ffffound!

Tokyo Sky Drive

Refraction by Jesse Zanzinger

It’s amazing what you can do with a Canon SLR, some oil and water and a tv playing Sesame Street!

Via The Fox Is Black.

Alex Lukas

Alex Lukas creates these apocalyptic visions by taking photographs from books and, using printmaking techniques, applies layers of texture. A great example of how a simple idea can breed highly effective results.

Images courtesy of Booooooom! and AlexLukas.com.